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Babinette Mavourneen ROM

 Babinette Mavourneen ROM
(8 pts, 4 pt major)
(pictured at 9 years)
(January 9, 1970 - April 29, 1982)

Precious Memories

The time has come to face the fact that we've put off so long.
Something that one can't avoid - The ending of a song.
My heart is heavy, tears are close, but in my mind I know,
It's only just a courtesy to those we love and know.

She's not the happy youth today, the eyes have grown so dim,
Her ears seem closed, her world is quiet -- except upon a whim.
The old bones ache, she sleeps a lot, the systems seem to fail.
But yet some days she comes to life and even wags her tail.

But now she nears the final hour, no doubt the curtain falls.
By love and debt and courtesy, her owners heed her call.
For sweet release to higher plains, where among friends she dwells
And puts away her aches and pains, past troubles that befell.

She becomes young and spry again and joins her furry friends,
To run and play in sunshine, all her fond memories within.
She sees below her life go on in children from her past;
And proudly sees her place on earth, contributes to the last.
As ever dear those memories, remain with us she knew,
She'll hear remarks occasionally, "He looks like one we knew."

A full cycle of life is spent and changes she'd not make,
Her right to live, enjoy and die, the circle will not break.
So now she has the priviledge of watching us below
Her eyes aglow with youth once more, her soul absent of woe.

A smile upon her furry face, her heart is proud and free,
The one who misses NEEN the most, is lowly, mortal me.

 Katie Gammill, Indian Creek Shelties

MAVOURNEEN  was the dam of:

CH. Babinette Better Times
sire of 2 CHs in his only litter before his untimely death
CH. Babinette Babushka
CH. Babinette Beau Brummel sire of 1 CH
Babinette Barbette (14 pts, 2 5 pt Spec maj) dam of 2 CHs
 (the above 4 are from the same litter sired by CH. Vikingsholm Tagsson )

CH. AlmPhyll Mr. Gallagher (Bred by E. Katie Gammill)
 by  CH. Alnphyll Cinnabar Voyager

CH. Indian Creek That's My Boy, CDX
Indian Creek Honey Bear

 dam of 1 CH by  CH. Indian Creek Night Stalker

{ Breeder - Libby Babin;    Final Owner - Katie Gammill}